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    What do we buy?

    CashGold buys gold objects of any size and caliber, and you can demand the return of any components not made from gold.

    Below is a short list to give you some idea, but remember, as a Bank of Metal, CashGold buy gold of any type and genre:

    • Gold Necklaces
    • Gold Medals
    • Gold Pens
    • Gold lighter
    • Plates, cups and other Gold memorabilia
    • Gold Bracelets and bangles
    • Gold Watches
    • Gold jewelry
    • Gold Earrings
    • Gold Coins of any type, shape and title
    • Gold Coins
    • Gold sovereignas
    • Gold marks
    • Gold Krugerrand
    • Gold French Francs
    • Gold Swiss Francs
    • Gold bars of any strength, shape and weight
    • Powder Gold and material from gold mines
    • Dental alloys containing gold, in whatever form and state (for dentists)

    ... and any other object not on this list on condition that it contain Gold, in all shapes and conditions!
    For any question contact us by filling in the form provided on the Contacts Page.

    Please pay close attention to objects that do not buy:

    • Stolen items
    • Non-precious metals
    • Plastic
    • Fake jewels
    • Pearls
    • Gold plated
    • Costume jewelry
    • Precious and non precious stones

    What are you waiting for? Find out more about our "Gold Buying" service. Enter the Page How it Works and receive immediate payment!

    CashGold also buys Silver, Platinum and Palladium. For further details contact us by filling in the form provided on the Contacts Page!

    If you are a professional or an entrepreneur, look at our offers on CashGold B2B.